For customers who use overseas shipping

"Nyangostar no omise" is a service that uses the service of Musing, a membership-based content service operated by B ZONE Inc.
The products handled by Musing are services that can only be shipped within Japan.
If you wish to deliver to overseas, please use the "international forwarding service" by yourself.

【International forwarding service example】

・International forwarding service is not provided by us. For details on how to use each service, please check the website of each service.
・Regarding the international forwarding service, we do not guarantee or take any responsibility for the service content.
・Some products may not work properly. Even in that case, we will not accept returns or exchanges.
・There is no guarantee that the listed products can be delivered to all countries / regions. Customs clearance may not be possible depending on the country / region of delivery, so please check in advance at your own risk.
・If the information, terms, etc. posted on this site are translated into a language other than Japanese and there is a discrepancy between those sentences and the terms of the Japanese version, Japanese shall take precedence.

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「にゃんごすたーのお店」は、株式会社B ZONEが運営する会員制コンテンツサービスであるMusingのサービスです。